Local context

We are tightly-focused on candidates and campaigns within the local context where elections are truly won, emphasizing pragmatic field strategy and effective messaging informed by demographic and political reality on the ground. We avoid the mistakes made by other organizations that can get lost in the weeds of esoteric policy and broad issue advocacy without a sound electoral foundation.

Campaigns that matter

Through a range of activities supporting or opposing candidates in select high-leverage urban counties that nevertheless often receive limited visibility, we work independently to move the needle on campaigns that matter.

Criminal justice reform

We are committed to criminal justice reform, recognizing the influential lever of legal and political authority wielded by DAs as one that has received insufficient scrutiny and attention in the past. Many within both political parties have wielded a knee-jerk, punitive and reductive view of "law and order" justice, wielding the carceral system as a weapon that has disenfranchised and destroyed disproportionately brown and poor urban communities. In its place, we support candidates who recognize the necessity of fairness and restraint, and who acknowledge the cruel reality of structural bias in society and the need for systemic transformation of the status quo.

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